2012. április 22., vasárnap

English CV

Welcome! I work as a professional musician since 1999. I started my carreer as a member of the Honvéd Male Choir, then, after a few years of freelancing I began to work in the Hungarian Radio Chorus and so do I today. Since 2 years I am lucky to be a member of the Purcell Choir and as a solist, I am now frequently taking part of musical events.My experience as a keyboard player I mostly make profit of being a member in Janula Stefanidu's Greek Band, but I also have made musical settings for an acapella band,and even worked for Yamaha as keyboard endorser.Although classical music has always played a major role in my carreer, I have really enjoyed trying  myself out in other types of music as a singer as well as a pianist.
Email :pranaman@vipmail.hu

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